AfterOil EV


  •   Carbon Neutral
    • A state where carbon emissions (CO2) directly originates from biomass, not fossil fuels. Therefore a closed carbon cycle. This is necessary for the mitigation of global warming and ocean acidification.

  •   CNG - Compressed Natural Gas
    • A fossil fuel comprised primarily of methane (CH4). A maximum of 3600psi (~250 atmospheres of pressure).

  •   Ethanol
    • An ethyl alcohol C2H5OH produced from the most recent life cycle of carbon life.

  •   EV - Electric Vehicle
    • A vehicle that utilizes electrical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs.

  •   FCV - Fuel Cell Vehicle
    • An EV that utilizes electrical energy generated by a hydrogen catalyst.

  •   ICE - Internal Combustion Engine
    • An engine in which the combustion, or rapid oxidation, of gas and air occurs in a confined space called a combustion chamber.

  •   kWh - Kilowatt-hour
    • A unit of energy (1000 watts) used to measure energy used over a period of time (hour). Also, most commonly used for residential and transportation.

  •   Mp$ - Miles per Dollar
    • A metric of consumption, created as a better model than mpg and $/gal of fuel. Using this metric one may easily see the difference between gasoline, diesel or electric vehicles in terms of highest miles per dollar spent.

  •   Range
    • Used to denote total travel distance of a vehicle before needing to refuel.

  •   REEV - Range Extended Electric Vehivle
    • A series-hybrid EV that has a liquid fueled generator for charging the batteries, as opposed to a conventional (parallel) hybrid, where power is converted directly to kinetic motion. Having a generator running at peak performance at all times increases efficiency, instead of constant revving.